I.D.E.A.F is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening, improving and supporting the ever-growing community of deaf women and men.


1. The purpose of the organization is the promotion of assistance for the disabled within the meaning of the European, international and French laws, in particular in the sense of the UN Disability Rights Convention. The aim is to support people with hearing impairments - above all deaf - in France, in European countries, international and in poorer third countries, in order to counteract the disadvantages associated with disability and to achieve a better integration into society and working life. The other objective of the organization is to combat the mutual prejudices between hearing impaired and normal hearing.


2. The purpose of the statutes is implemented in particular by the following measures:


- Conducting courses and information events, in particular with the aim of bringing the deaf culture and the sign language closer to the general public and reducing discrimination against the hearing-impaired and the deaf


- Cooperation with other providers of such courses and information events


- Cooperation with schools, vocational schools and other organizations or associations and companies for the hearing-impaired and the deaf


- Direct financial and active support to hearing-impaired and deaf people from poor or otherwise disadvantaged families, such as through donations in kind or, in exceptional circumstances, the granting of smaller interest-free loans.


3. In the context of the objective of occupational integration, the promotion of hearing-impaired and deaf models, actors and artists is a priority. Hearing impaired and deaf models, actors and artists are particularly prejudiced and are regularly rejected for their disability at modeling agencies and other agencies. Therefore, even if the qualification criteria for the respective profession are met, they hardly have a real chance on the job market.


To address these drawbacks and to achieve the professional integration of hearing-impaired and deaf models, actors and artists, the organization annually organizes non-commercial beauty contests and the Deaf Stars World Award under the names:


"Miss & Mister Deaf Germany and other national beauty pageants, Miss & Mister Deaf Stars an International Beauty Pageant, International Deaf Tattoo Convention, International Deaf Fashion Week, Silent Tatoo, Silent Fashion, Deaf Stars Awards, world deaf model and other Events"


4. In addition, the hearing-impaired or deaf models, actors and artists will receive voluntary support from the organization as follows:


Support of models, actors and artists in the preparation of set-cards, the internet presence and in dealing with the media


Talent search, talent development and talent training with the aim of encouraging hearing-impaired and deaf models, actors and artists to participate in beauty contests and other events, to present themselves in public and to use the sign language.