Miss & Mister Deaf Stars 2021 - Gallipoli, Italy

4. March - 14. March 2022

Application for Mister participant

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

*You herebly confirm that you have applied for the truth and that when you are nominated as Miss Deaf at the Miss & Mister Deaf Stars, then you will get this application contract 100%, but if you cannot come from 31 august 2021 to the last minute, then you will transfer 50,00€ as a contract penalty to Miss & Mister Deaf Stars. Deadline of application is on 31 August 2021. The membership for I.D.E.A.F fee and the participation fee cost 20,00 euros.

Conditions of participation


By registering on www.i.d.e.a.f.com, Miss and Mister consents to the use and processing of their own personal data by MMDS and partners. The following also applies:



Miss and Mister expressly assures that she has her own nationality, is registered as her first place of residence at the address given, is between 16 and 35 years old and that there are no visible nude photos of her. Miss and Mister undertakes not to treat or disparage anyone in public or otherwise on social media because of their gender, their origin, their race, their language, their homeland and origin, their beliefs, their religious or political views or because of a disability describe. Miss and Mister affirms that they did not appear to have behaved in this way before the start of their term of office.



Miss und Mister provides MMDS with the data (personal and image material) that MMDS can use without restriction in accordance with the general data protection regulations. Miss and Mister assigns all rights to MMDS for the already existing and future image material and is not entitled to any remuneration. Miss and Mister declares that she agrees that the pictures she has taken may be used by MMDS in any way, indefinitely, in whole or in part, including for advertising purposes of any kind. MMDS also has the right to change and edit the photos. In particular, MMDS and its partners & media may make the photos publicly accessible in social media and on the internet, especially on www.i-d-e-a-f.com and their partner sites, without any time and space restrictions. The consent of Miss and Mister is unlimited in time. Compensation for the use of the photos or videos has not been agreed. Miss and Mister is aware that the photos and videos are available worldwide when they are published on the Internet. Miss and Mister assures that all copyrights, rights of use, photo and personality rights to the photos sent by Miss and Mister lie with Miss and Mister and grants MMDS and their partners all rights of use for publication - including the right to image editing - free of charge. Should it turn out that, contrary to the above insurance, Miss and Mister does not have unlimited rights to the photographs she has sent in and should third-party claims be asserted against MMDS for this reason, Miss and Mister is obliged to exempt MMDS from any claims and to reimburse any costs of defending against the claim. Photo and video productions, challenges and more are carried out for MMDS and partners. The productions are made at home and abroad. Miss and Mister travels at their own risk and Miss and Mister has to adhere to the rules / instructions of MMDS during this time. MMDS can pass on the data (telephone number, email address, etc.) of Miss and Mister to the partners of MMDS without prior agreement.



Miss and Mister declares that while she will not participate in any other election at any of the MMDS competitor companies and will not work with any other company, company or the like that is in any competition with the MMDS election and sponsorships. Miss and Mister expressly declares that they have not signed a management contract and will not sign any other contract during the term of their participation at MMDS.



When moving in as a finalist on different countries or even national level, MMDS takes over the management for Miss and Mister with regard to all orders as well as other assignments (in particular influencer management, TV appearances and more). Should Miss and Mister themselves be offered assignments that are related to the title or sash or not directly recognizable, but out of the increased public interest, Miss and Mister must immediately forward all offers to MMDS for processing in order to address and To place Miss and Mister qualitatively and successfully in the media (online and offline). Miss and Mister undertakes to generally coordinate their activities on social media with MMDS and to integrate the hashtags and links provided by MMDS on their social media channels as requested by MMDS. A separate agreement follows.



Miss and Mister also undertakes to always maintain the good reputation of the title of Miss and Mister and the interests of MMDS in their public appearance and to refrain from anything that is likely to damage the title and reputation of MMDS. In particular, Miss and Mister has to keep quiet about all internal issues regarding MMDS in public.



If it subsequently turns out that the prerequisites according to the previous points are not met or if Miss and Mister violates the obligations incumbent upon them, MMDS is entitled to disqualify Miss and Mister. The above regulations also apply in the event that further cooperation becomes unreasonable for MMDS for an important reason.



Should one of the above provisions of this contract be ineffective, this shall not affect the remaining provisions. The contracting parties undertake to agree on an identical or comparable effective regulation that approximates the meaning of the ineffective regulations instead of the ineffective regulations.



This participation is not a holiday resort, but a place of work. Please keep the rules of Miss & Mister Deaf Stars, the house rules of the hotel, the house rules of the event location and the law of a host country. If you are contravene, you accept the responsibility and the liability you pay it. The penalty is up to 250,00 Euro! Thank you for your understanding and for a future cooperation with you we would be pleased!



Miss and Mister recognizes all contents of the conditions of participation by sending the registration, which becomes legally binding.




It's about honesty and authenticity. Be yourself and show us who you are.


Age: 16 - 35 years old (16 and 17 years old with written permission from a parent)

Size: from 155 cm

Kilograms: according to size from 55 - 70 kilograms


Body figure from slim to athletic, can be normal.


Small tattoos and small piercings are allowed

(It can happen that the tattoo is retouched with make-up in the finale or when taking a photo and the piercing is briefly removed)


Better single

with the exception with married and having children (no stretch marks) and (on the waiting list)


I.D.E.A.F and MMDS President and his team will not nominate for the new applicants, but the sponsors and jurors will nominate new applicants.


*All changes are reserved