Conditions of participation and rules of MMDS

§ 1. Responsible behavior


The conduct of elections to the organizers, led by I.D.E.A.F.


§ 2. Order


An event consists of at least four to five rounds: the first round takes place in a way by participants with their own personal ideas, the second with its own fashion style, the third in swimwear the fourth in traditional cultural clothing (without points) and the fifth in evening dress , In the four evaluation passages a public coronation takes place. At the beginning of the event, the organizer determined in which clothes the coronation will take place and whether all participants or only the six finalists will take part in the award ceremony. Team stylists (make-up / hair) are usually provided by the organizer.


§ 3. Evaluation criteria


The higher evaluation criterion is beauty. But the factors: talent, intelligence, personality, charm and attitude and professionalism are included in the evaluation. The exact breakdown of the key points according to these criteria is decided by the juries.


§ 4. Transfer of exploitation rights


Participants have a selection of MMDS that fully inform the organizer of all rights of use. Of the submitted photos and / or in connection with the respective national titles is the property of I.D.E.A.F in image, text, sound, radio, television and video recordings. The participants do not mention the sections of the Copyright Law of the Universal Copyright Convention, revised in Paris, the Convention on the Protection of Artists of 29 October 1971 to protect the production of phonograms against unauthorized duplication of phonograms Convention on the dissemination of satellite communications transmitted program-side signals. the respective additional protocols and the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community. This includes copyright in relation to such works, fine art and photography. The participant waives financial compensation.


§ 5. Jury


The composition of the jury is decided by the organizers under the direction of I.D.E.A.F.

It consists of final elections of prominent personalities and deaf people from sports, music, film, politics and television as well as former Miss- and Mister participants.


§ 6. The participants and duties


Only those who participate in the final election of the MMDS 16-35 can take part. Acts should not exist or have been published. Exceptions may exist. the beauty contest, provided the photos belong to an editorial or photo folder. To check the possibility of participation, we can send the relevant photos.


Here the candidates must be unmarried (exceptionally married, but on waiting list) and 1 child, but no stretch marks. In addition, the participants must master the international sign language. A false statement leads to the direct exclusion and the exclusion of a final. Each participant clearly understands that he is valid in his MMDS or vice title in the year and may not participate in other events or elections of a competitor or competitor until the next pageant (qualification). In this case they will automatically lose the MMDS title and may have a one-time fine of 250.00 EUR to pay the I.D.E.A.F. All participants, even if they lose, may not participate in all other beauty contests (on request).


The arrival and departure of the MMDS elections is optional. Before and during the event, participants must follow the organizer's instructions on time and reliably. Participants should be able to physically manage abroad. They should have a pleasant and clean appearance. Only the organizer decides about admission to international competitions.


§ 7. Fees, allowances, expenses


A fee for participation in MMDS elections as a member, you have to pay a one-time membership fee and a processing fee of € 50.00. Changes with deposit and fees reserved in different countries.


Refreshments after the program, accommodation costs and all programs of the tour (travel expenses, entrance fees for museums, etc.) are covered by the organizer.


§ 8. The participants


Participants hereby declare that after winning the title they have no exclusive rights to the MMDS and the winners. Media, press, TV, photos, etc. please ask the organizer first. Participants agree to accept these terms and conditions. All participants from the MMDS should accept and sign a verbal or written contract in the application form with signature.


§ 9. Term of office, duties and holidays


The term of a winner is a maximum of one year, but ends with the next election of the next / next year or for ever.


During the term of office the winner or place wants to participate in international competitions, as far as this is intended by the organizer.


§ 10. Non-competition


Abroad, the participant is named "Miss Deaf Stars" and "Mister Deaf Stars".


During the term and one year after the winners make a final decision for another failure or model. With exceptions, cooperation with other committees.


§ 11. Exclusion, damages, contractual penalty


In the event of violations of these General Terms and Conditions, in particular the provisions of § 10, the organizer / organizers may disqualify. Disqualification of EUR 250,00.


In the case of premature termination of the term of office by termination by the executive employees in paragraph 1,


§ 12 applies accordingly.


Each participant or participant recognizes the binding statutes!