Conditions of participation and rules of MMDS



§ 1. Responsible conduct


The conduct of the elections up to the organizers, led by the I.D.E.A.F.


§ 2. sequence


An event consists of at least four to five scored rounds: The first round takes place in a certain fashion by a fashion designer or own fashion style with participants conception, the second with talent show, the third in Swimwear fourth in traditional clothing and the fifth in evening dress. In the four rating passages followed by a public coronation. The head of the organizers determined at the beginning of the event in which clothes the coronation is performed and whether all participants or only the six finalists to attend the award ceremony. A team stylists (makeup/hair) is usually provided by the organizer.


§ 3. evaluation criteria


Overriding evaluation criterion is the beauty. But the factors: talent, intelligence, personality, charm and attitude and professionalism are included in the review. The exact breakdown of the key points on these criteria decides the juries.


§ 4. transfer of exploitation rights


The participants a choice of MMDS transmit the organizer fully be it regarding all exploitation rights. Of the submitted photos and/or in connection with the respective national titles which property of I.D.E.A.F is, in image, text, sound, radio, television and video recordings. The participants do not state the paragraphs of the Copyright Law of the Universal Copyright Convention as revised in Paris, the artist Protection Agreement of Paris, the law on the Convention of 29.10.71 to protect the production of Phonograms against Unauthorized Duplication of Phonograms, the Convention of the dissemination by satellite transmitted program-carrying signals, the European television agreements incl. the respective additional protocols and the Treaty establishing the European economic Community. This includes also the law relating to the copyright in such works, visual arts and photography. The participant abandons any financial compensation.


§ 5. Jury


The composition of the jury decides the organizers headed by Clementine ZEKRINI or I.D.E.A.F. It consists in Final elections of prominent personalities and deaf areas of sports, music, film, politics and TV, as well as former Miss and Mister participants.


§ 6. The participants and duties


Can participate just who is on the day of a final choice of MMDS 18-30, except for up to 32 years old (men to 35) years old. Nudes should not exist or have been published. Exceptions exist u.U. the beauty contest provided the photos belong to an editorial or photo folder. In order to examine a possibility to participate, we may ask for sending the photos in question.


Here, the candidates must be unmarried (except can be married, but is on wait list) and 1 child, but no stretch marks. Furthermore, the participants must dominate the international sign language. A false statement leads to direct disqualification and exclusion of a final. Each participants is clear and aware that he/she in her MMDS title or vice title is valid in the year and until the next pageant (qualification) may not participate in any other event or election of a competitor or competitors. If this does happen, they will automatically lose the MMDS title and has possibly a one-time penalty in the amount of 250,00 EUR to pay the I.D.E.A.F. All participants even if they lose may not participate in other beauty contest all life.


The Arrival and departure on the elections of the MMDS is optional. Before and during the event, the participants must follow punctually and reliably the instructions of the organizer. The participants should be able to travel abroad generally cope physically. They should have a pleasant and clean appearance. About admission to international competitions decided solely by the organizer.


§ 7. fees, allowances, expenses


A fee for participation in elections of MMDS is not paid. Subject to change with security deposit and charges in different countries.

Refreshments done by program schedule, accommodation costs and all programs within the tour (travel, entrance fees to museums etc.) will be taken by the organizer.


§ 8. The participants


The participants hereby declare that we have no exclusive management and have no contractual ties with other agencies or certified by exemption of a possible contract agency that this derives no claims to the MMDS and the winners after winning the title. Media, Press, TV, photos, etc. please ask first to organizers. The participants undertake to recognize these terms and conditions. All participants from entry to the MMDS is automatically an oral contract is accepted and signed.


§ 9. term of office, duties and holidays


The term of office of a winner/Vice is a maximum of 1 year, but ends with the following choice of the next winner/in the next year.


During the term of office/the winner or placed will participate in international competitions as far as the organizers intended. A holiday is possible as the winner with the consent taking into account international operations.


§ 10. prohibition of competition


Abroad, the participant is/in the term "Miss Deaf Stars" and "Mister Deaf Stars".


During the tenure and one year after the winners a final choice on any other failure or model must take choice of a competitor. With exceptions, a collaboration with other committee.


§ 11. disqualification, compensation, penalty


If you breach these terms and conditions, in particular the provisions of § 10, the organizer may disqualify/the officers. In the case of the disqualification/the officials has to pay for damages caused from this disqualification in the amount of 250,00 EUR.


In case of early termination of the term of office by notice by the officers in paragraph 1, § 12 shall apply mutatis mutandis.


Each participant or participant recognizes the statutes of binding!