Application, Information and rules


Miss & Mister Deaf Stars is an official and original international beauty contest organized by I.D.E.A.F - International Deaf Events Agency Federation.


Terms of Participation:


- Miss from 16 years old up to 35 years old (can also be over 30 years old if you do not have a stretch mark)


- Mister from 16 years old up to 30 years old (With one exception up to 35 years old (on the waiting list))


- Miss from 1.55 m, Mister from 1.60 m


- single or in a relationship


(with one exceptioncan take part in married couples and mother of 1 child without stretch marks (on the waiting list))


- with one exception, participants can participate with tattoos and small piercing


(no full-tattoos and big piercing and large solid jewellery)


The participation for you is 50,00€, but the flight or travel costs you have to take it yourself.


This participation is not a holiday resort, but a place of work. Please keep the rules of Miss & Mister Deaf Stars, the house rules of the hotel, the house rules of the event location and the law of a host country. If you are contravene, you accept the responsibility and the liability you pay it. The penalty is up to 250,00 Euro! Thank you for your understanding and for a future cooperation with you we would be pleased!


We wish you much success and good luck with your participation at Miss & Mister Deaf Stars!



Participation fee: 50,00 € (handling fee, etc.)