I.D.E.A.F supports barriere-free emergencies calls for EVERYONE





You can use our HandHelp apps worldwide - simply download our apps in your store for Android or iOS.


- quick and easy operation

- for at home or on the go

- Direct emergency calls to the police and ambulance service are         possible

- sends your individual emergency pass

The special thing about this emergency call app is that in the event of an emergency, the affected user (f/m/d) can send an emergency call to our WIS sign language interpreter headquarters as well as to the police or fire brigade / rescue services worldwide to the responsible embassy / consulates / foreign offices .

- Emergency call without a call, language, local / language knowledge and without your fax

- Direct emergency calls to the police / fire brigade / ambulance service currently in German-speaking           

  countries and abroad to 216 embassies / consulates

- Emergency calls in sign language via video telephony, chat, contact with control centers in Germany and






You can no longer access our apps in an emergency? No problem! Our mobile uney button is connected to our apps. Emergency call at the push of a button for ALL generations.


- Bluetooth connection with our emergency apps

- Easy handling / installation

- You get help at the push of a button

- With your click or two clicks you alert your saved

  network of helpers

- Well suited for children and the elderly

- Replaceable battery (button cell)